Uros Full Day

Uros Full Day Island Tour

The "Uros Full Day" tour guides you through the cultural richness of the Uros Islands, allowing you to explore the living traditions of its communities and deepen your connection with the ancestral legacy of the peoples of Lake Titicaca.

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Uros Full Day
Uros Full Day

What's Important about the Uros Islands:

Complete Uros Islands Experience

"Immerse yourself in ancestral culture with our Complete Uros Islands Tour."

The Living Tradition of the Uros

"Experience an unforgettable day on the historic Uros Islands, an authentic encounter with their traditions."

Uros Full Day with Traditional Lunch

"Discover the essence of the Uros and delight your senses with a traditional lunch in the heart of Lake Titicaca."

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Enjoy Peru Holidays EIRL, authorized by tourism license Dircetur N° 082-2019GR CUSCO/DIRCETUR-DT and the Ministry of Culture N° AG2164.

Uros Full Day Summary:

(*) Applies to visitors who arrive in Puno on the same day that the Half-Day Uros Tour begins.

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Full Uros Full Day Itinerary:

Discover the Essence of the Uros - Tradition, Culture, and Nature on Lake Titicaca (One-Day Tour):

Start your adventure with convenient pick-up from your accommodation in Puno between 08:00 and 08:30 AM and set sail to the fascinating Uros Islands. At 09:00 AM, at the Puno Dock, a picturesque boat awaits you to glide through the serene waters of Lake Titicaca.

The floating island you will visit first is a gateway to the life of the Uros, guardians of centuries-old traditions. Discover the art of totora, from the islands they build to the rafts they pilot. Engage in their culture, learn from their sustainable way of life, and, if you dare, take home a piece of history in the form of crafts.

The next stop offers a closer encounter with the community, immersing you in their folklore and ancestral wisdom. At the end, you will not only take memories but also a richer understanding of the symbiosis between the Uros and the biodiversity of Lake Titicaca.

The return to Puno is scheduled between 12:00 and 12:30 PM, concluding an authentic and enlightening experience in the heart of the Peruvian highlands.

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Uros Full Day